Use Watchguard as DNS Server

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Yes, you can use a watchguard firewall as dns server, correctly as a dns forwarder.  The firewall will accept dns queries and forwards the queries to a dns server.

Unfortunately you cannot configure the dns forwarder with the web interface or the system manager. You have to use the command line interface.  You can use a SSH Client like putty on TCP Port 4118 to connect the cli or ssh on a linux shell

ssh IP-Watchguard -p 4118

You can show the dns configuration with: show ip dns

WG#show ip dns

— DNS Properties

Domain name :
DNS forwarding: Disabled
Number of server(s): 1

— DNS Server(s)

In this example is DNS forwarding disabled. To enable the feature go in the configure mode and put ip dns forwarding enable.

WG(config)#ip dns forwarding enable

To disable DNS forwarding use no ip dns forwarding enable.
WG(config)#no ip dns forwarding enable

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